Malegra – The Erectile Dysfunction Silver Bullet
An in-depth research of Malegra, perhaps, the most popular generic ED preparation of the 21st century.

FXT and DXT Versions of Famous Malegra

DXT or FXT compareThere are many men who already know that Malegra is an effective and easy way to boost their sexual performance and improve sexual health. Basically, it’s one of the best and most convenient ED medications in the modern market. The good news is that you can buy it without any prescription and regardless of your age if you want to increase the quality of your sexual intercourse and solve relevant issues.

Two Available Types of Malegra

The first thing that you should understand is that Malegra is an innovative and excellent pharmaceutic product that has many differences compared to Viagra and other similar ED drugs. In the past, those men who suffered from both premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction had to take two medications to solve these sexual problems. Now, they can buy Malegra on the Internet without any prescription and take only one tablet to achieve the same goal before their planned sexual intercourse. The greatest benefit and unique feature of this medication is that it contains an effective combination of two powerful active ingredients, but it’s available in two basic and popular forms, so that you should be familiar with their ins and outs.

  1. Malegra DXT. This version contains Duloxetine and Sildenafil Citrate as its main components.
  2. Malegra FXT. This medication contains Fluoxetine and Sildenafil Citrate as its active ingredients.

Differences and Similarities

Available Types of MalegraWhen it comes to pharmacological properties and effects of both versions, they don’t have any differences. The main reason is that Fluoxetine and Duloxetine have similar lengths of action and functions. However, there are some men who may have certain intolerance to any of these components, and that’s why they decide to switch to a particular Malegra version after consulting their doctors.

The intake of Malegra DXT can provide you with a double action because Sildenafil Citrate increases blood filling of your penis and helps you maintain an erection will ejaculation. Another great thing is that this chemical allows you to restore faster after ejaculation and return to your sexual partner with stronger erections. Both Fluoxetine and Duloxetine are light stimulators of your brain center, and their basic function is to slow down the movement of specific neurons from penis to your brain. This is what helps you improve the length of your sexual intercourse by a few times.

Finally, Malegra FXT doesn’t decrease the sensitivity of your penis, but it allows you to enjoy a longer sexual intercourse, too. The right combination of two active ingredients in both versions of this popular medication helps many male patients solve two sexual problems at once, including premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, or male impotence, without the necessity to take a few drugs.

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