Malegra – The Erectile Dysfunction Silver Bullet
An in-depth research of Malegra, perhaps, the most popular generic ED preparation of the 21st century.

Learn how to take Malegra carefully.

Order MalegraThe drug is designed for the male age group of 18-75, individuals, suffering from recurring problems with potency and premature ejaculation. Like any pharmaceutical drug, Malegra has its limitations, precautions and compatibility peculiarities. It is recommended to consult various professionals prior to enrolling into a course (cardiologist, sexologist, andrologist and urologist – consulting at least one of the specialists is desired).

It is recommended to start with a half of the normal dose, so the maximum you can take per 24 hours is one pill. A 40 mg pill is recommended to be consumed 25-30 minutes prior to an anticipated sexual intercourse. The duration of action of the drug lasts for 5-6 hours, and in some cases it can be maintained up to 10 hours.

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