Malegra – The Erectile Dysfunction Silver Bullet
An in-depth research of Malegra, perhaps, the most popular generic ED preparation of the 21st century.

Malegra DXT – the desired relief.

malegra over the counterMalegra DXT is the latest development in the field of erectile dysfunction treatment products that combines two productive function enhancement mechanism to effectively overcome a wide array of sexual dysfunction issues and prolong sexual intercourse, with the possibility of exclusion of premature ejaculation.

The drug belongs to a new generation of drugs with synergistic effect. It stands out from the conventional means of erectile dysfunction treatment methods (males with sexual disorders in males with different backgrounds) with an integrated approach and lower cost in terms of price – value ratio. Thus the price for Malegra DXT is fluctuating within the range of common generics, yet the medication outperforms its direct competitors in terms of efficiency.

The basis of the preparation is represented by components symbiosis (two active ingredients versus one in common remedies). The first ingredient is a well-known Sildenafil, the basic component of Viagra and its modifications, one of the most powerful drugs from the group of selective inhibitors of PDE5 that can cope with all forms of male impotence, increasing blood flow to the genitals. The second ingredient is fluoxetine, the drug from the group of antidepressants, but its combination in this preparation is not to save you from the oppressive mood, but to naturally extend your sexual contact and eliminate the undesired premature ejaculation.


The main mechanism of action of sildenafil is based on the FED5 braking and the corresponding blocking cGMP, which in turn accelerates the synthesis of nitric oxide, promoting the productive mechanism of selective expansion of arterioles of the penis and the acceleration of blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the penis. The appearance of sexual desire is still a prerequisite of successful action of the drug.

Fluoxetine is a traditional time-tested antidepressant that has long been used as an effective tool in the fight against forced ejaculation in men. Thus, Malegra DXT is aiming at multiple aspects, while enhancing the psychological perception, preventing premature ejaculation and providing a natural and high-quality erection are the drug’s core functions.

Here’s the breakdown of the main advantages of the product:
1. An efficient combination of the two components enhances the action of each other, providing a synergistic effect;
2. The drug demonstrates considerable effectiveness in all types of male impotence;
3. The drug deals effectively with premature ejaculation;
4. Malegra provides a rapid onset of effect;
5. The price for medication is comparable with popular ED preparations, yet Malegra demonstrates better effectiveness;
6. The positive effect is maintained up to 10 hours;
7. In addition to the direct appointment productive uplifting, increasing libido.
8. Just like an overwhelming majority of erectile dysfunction preparations of newer generation, the drug is available without a prescription;

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